Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Idealists Full of Hate

We on the right often cut a tiny fragment of slack – too much in my view – to leftists when we attribute their motivations to naivete' or idealism. we often assume they simply want to create utopias and that their idealism gets out of hand when the reeducation camps spring up and the blood starts flowing. This assumes that the violence and horror of “ revolution” is an unplanned by-product of the road to a hoped-for noble end. The more I talk to, watch, and read the thoughts of “progressives” / leftists, the clearer it becomes that the “full of hate” moniker so often directed at conservatives or libertarians (i.e. the “tea party”) is much more accurately applied to leftists themselves. "Full of hate" is ultimately an impassioned statement stemming from mere projection. (I'm assuming that those knowledgeable and honest recognize that National Socialism and fascism are not strains of laissez - faire limited and decentralized republican government – “right wing.” Fascist beliefs were certainly “full of hate” but capitalism –tolerated to a degree – was hated as much as other enemies of the national socialist belief template).

I've come to believe that a rabid leftist knows and expects that purges and blood-letting, or at least some brand of punishment, will flourish if they get to have their “revolution.” Historical examples and rage on paper – not to mention mundane debate – are wrought with an incredible bitterness, jealousy, and sense of inadequacy on the part of “progressives.” I just read of a German Communist Party song that used to be sung in the streets of Weimar, Germany with the lyrics; “Grease the guillotine with the blood of tyrants, blood must flow, blood, blood, blood!” These lyrics are characteristic of the underlying sympathies of many on the left, and by far, most on the far left. Lyrics like, “Raise the standard of living amongst the poor to that of middle class or better” just doesn't have the rhythm that any respectable “revolutionary” strives for when venting their passion. For all the lip-service they conjure to the contrary, they are ultimately motivated by a strong will for violence and destruction. Though they may imagine an idyllic world of cooperation and equality in the end, they crave the first phase of their plans – wanton release of raw Id energy upon the perceived source of their jealousy. I believe the average leftist relishes the thought of inevitable executions, settling imaginary scores in their pampered but resentful minds. Can one imagine a trio like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barrack Obama if they had complete and total power to do as they wish. Can one really imagine they'd merely raise taxes and regulations, and increase spending? There are too many scores to settle for them against all the imaginary right wing extremists out there who have dared question their heavy-handedness (and such heavy-handedness has been under constitutional restraint thus far).

Every far left “experiment” brought to fruition has resulted in incredible destruction and death and, for what? They'd tell us it's all for, “a better world.” Deep in their transparent hearts it's clear that unbridled vengeance is the true “utopia” they ultimately strive for – and we conservatives ...we're supposedly “full of hate” because we want to be left alone and think that's best achieved through limited constitutional government. Go figure...

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